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5 Tips for How to Quit Smoking Meth, from the Experts FHE Health

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Withdrawal from crystal meth is most likely not potentially physically damaging unless the individual becomes extremely emotionally unstable and engages in self-harm. This might involve attending a support performance-enhancing drugs know the risks group for people in similar situations. The first stage of detox you’ll reach is known as an acute stage. This stage can take up to 10 days to pass, so it requires patience and perseverance.

Undergoing detox in a treatment facility not only provides medical supervision but also a safer environment away from drugs. “Being in a detox facility also provides a level of support and an opportunity to be out of the environment where use was happening,” Henson says. While he recovered and left the hospital, medical professionals recommended that he receive outpatient assistance to follow up after his treatment. It might be possible to stop using meth without rehab, but it will be extremely difficult and is not recommended. Stimulant use such as meth reduces appetite leading to weight loss and poor nutrition.

  1. Your doctor can assess your overall health by performing a physical exam.
  2. It occurs when you’ve become physically dependent on a substance.
  3. They can be intense, lasting for days and, in some cases, weeks.
  4. In reality, while the detoxification process may only take 3-4 days, the psychological recovery can last two weeks or more.

Check out our blog posts and resource links for the latest information on substance abuse. Most cravings for meth can be best treated through a strong support system that focuses on distraction, relaxation, and keeping you engaged. Mood swings, as a result of the brain attempting to bounce back from long-standing dopamine depletion, can be difficult to manage.

Opinion: After the high goes down, the root pain of addiction remains. Here’s how we can all help.

The meth withdrawal process can be difficult, painful, and dangerous without professional medical supervision throughout. The depression that arises for many going through meth withdrawal can trigger suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Meth is a stimulant and when a person stops using it, the opposite effect occurs. 8 best opioid detox and rehab centers The feelings of hopelessness that arise during withdrawal also tend to increase a person’s risk of relapse. If someone uses meth enough to develop an addiction, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms without the drug. Although meth is not directly physically dangerous, the side effects it triggers can be.

It’s normal to suffer from anhedonia, which is the difficulty to find enjoyment or pleasure in life, and when combined with cravings, it can be difficult to avoid relapse. Withdrawal symptoms are “also dependent on individual brain chemistry, so each person can experience withdrawal differently,” Acheson says. He also notes that there isn’t a lot of human data regarding what happens during meth withdrawal, which makes it hard to give a general timeline.

The difference is that your withdrawal will likely be lessened and can be reduced with helpful management drugs and assistance from a medical team. Many of the physical symptoms of meth withdrawal, including fevers, seizures, and respiratory issues, can be life-threatening and are best managed within a rehab facility. People who are suffering from a meth addiction deserve the best care available.

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If a person is binging on meth (a run) they could stay away for 10 days, without eating or drinking much. As the high starts to fade a person who abuses meth will experience the first withdrawal phase known as the crash. At FHE Health, our caring and compassionate addiction specialists are always available. We’re here to answer your phone calls and respond to your online messages day and night, 365 days a year.

These drugs can be used in the short term and can help you reduce or eliminate anxiety, which may be a side effect of withdrawal. Personal physiology and environment are also important factors for meth withdrawal. People with substance use disorder (or family history) are likely to experience more challenges in withdrawing from methamphetamine. Attempting to quit alone or within an environment with addictive triggers can also make the process more challenging. During this period, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet to help the body recover.

Drinking sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade can help restore an electrolyte imbalance. But using meth can cause overdoses, so it’s important to be familiar with meth overdose symptoms. Using or abusing a dangerous drug is risky, but stopping the use of the drug can also be dangerous. The SAMHSA phone line can also help people who are caring for loved ones who have a substance use disorder.

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Contact us to get started on the path to quitting meth and reclaiming a healthy, clean, and productive life. Many meth addicts give up the goal and give in to the overwhelming cravings for the drug their bodies and minds can’t escape. Ask loved ones, families, and friends to help serve as a support system. If they know that quitting meth is your primary goal, they’ll be staunch supporters and promise to be there when needed.

However, a healthy diet and water intake alongside regular outside activity can be effective in treating sleep issues, especially when paired with organic melatonin supplements. For the past seven years, rain or shine, our team of 75 volunteers has hosted dinner parties where relationships are built with people who live on the streets of San Diego. Our volunteers provide rides to medical appointments, have conversations over coffee, provide clothes and visit people in jail. By incorporating extra water, laxatives, or niacin, or exercise, they might succeed in removing this methamphetamine. But this success could be temporary because they might remove other things from their bodies, things that are vital to their health.

Since removing methamphetamine from their bodies at home on their own can be dangerous, people should consider supervised medical detox to get meth out of their systems. Exchanging excessive exercise for meth, then, could be trading one addiction or compulsion for another. Professional assistance can help people detox from meth and determine why people use it instead of encouraging additional dangerous dependencies. Finally, if people are addicted to meth and are trying to detox, they might be more prone to addictions and compulsive behaviors in general. They might begin to compulsively exercise, and it may dominate their lives just as meth once did. For meth users who inject the drug, it’s important to safely dispose of needles and syringes.

Risks Of Methamphetamine Home Detox

The authors of the review could not find any studies investigating nonpharmacological approaches to managing methamphetamine detox. These are usually present before a person stops using methamphetamine. Practicing relapse prevention and management techniques can help improve your chances of recovery in the long term. Although research shows that CM interventions reduce meth use, it isn’t clear whether this continues once treatment has ended.

I have a passion for holistic recovery and its restorative, healing gifts to our community and families. I believe that regardless of challenges- wisdom, compassion, hope, integrity, and a strong work ethic are contagions that transform systems. This can include being a listening ear, offering words of encouragement, or simply being present. You can also help by providing practical support, such as making sure they have a safe place to stay and access to healthy food and clothing. Outpatient programs also tend to be more affordable than inpatient treatment.

Research has shown that methamphetamine withdrawal follows a predictable pattern. Ongoing meth use can lead to mild to severe withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking the drug. Your doctor can assess your overall health by performing a physical exam. They can also refer you to a treatment center and answer any questions you may have. Meth withdrawal is hard, but it’s the first step in quitting meth for good.