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Convenient Solutions For Your Moving And Storage Needs: Nearby Moving Company And Self-Storage Options

by James William

There are many self storage companies that offer a variety of services. Some offer month-to-month leases which is great for consumers who need a little extra space for things that don’t fit in their home. Some of these companies also provide insurance to protect consumers’ belongings against damage and theft. One example is Simply Self Storage which provides $2,000 of coverage to all their customers.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Moving Or Self Storage Company Near You

If you’re looking for a storage company near you, you want one that offers convenient hours and security features. It’s also important that the company is able to meet your specific storage needs, such as unit size, price, and access times. Storage companies typically offer a range of sizes, from small, closet-like units to spaces that can fit the contents of an entire home. Many also provide drive-up access, allowing you to pull your car up to your storage space without having to navigate hallways or elevators. If you need to store a larger item, such as a vehicle or boat, you can use the PeerStorage peer-to-peer marketplace to find available parking spaces. This is a secure way to store your items while keeping them within your community.

The Best Storage Companies In NYC

The Big Apple is home to five boroughs, each with their own unique needs and storage solutions. If your closets are overflowing or you have more furniture than you can fit into your apartment, it’s time to clear out the clutter with a storage unit. These units provide a safe, secure place to store your belongings while you find the space for them in your home.

MakeSpace is a New York City-based company that makes the process of moving company near me or downsizing easier with their pick up and drop off service. They offer high-quality, climate controlled spaces with 24/7 security. Their rates are competitive, with a 5 by 10 foot space costing about $100 per month.

Make Space

MakeSpace is a full-service storage company that does all the heavy lifting for you. Its professional movers pick up and deliver items to you, then they load them in a convenient, secure, and clean storage unit for as little as $69 per month. Using the app, you can schedule pickups and deliveries and keep track of everything that’s in storage with a complete photo inventory. Whenever you need something back, just ask for it with a tap.

MakeSpace stores items in warehouses and facilities that are not open to the public, making them more secure than many competitors. They also employ 24-hour surveillance, motion-activated detection equipment, and alarm notification systems. In addition, they discourage the storage of fragile items and prohibit any living or perishables.

Keepers Self Storage

Whether you’re decluttering your home or making room for new furniture during renovations, this Public Storage location on Woodbine Street near the Kirkland Marina Park has the space to help. Store less-frequently used items, hobby gear and bulky items that are taking up too much space at home in a storage unit starting at $30/month.

Self-storage is a type of commercial real estate that rents out rooms, closet-sized spaces, containers or outdoor storage areas on a short-term basis (usually month to month) to individuals and businesses. It’s also common for these facilities to sell boxes, locks and packing supplies to help people get started with their storage projects. Check out photos and amenities, then see the facility on a map to make sure it’s convenient for you. Then get in touch with the manager and start renting your storage unit!


With a total of over 1,200 locations, CubeSmart is one of the largest storage companies in the US. They offer budget-friendly pricing and plenty of perks, including free truck rentals for local moves, on-site workstations, and lounges. Their facilities also feature a variety of different storage sizes. Customers can rent a unit from CubeSmart online or by visiting the facility. Prices vary based on location, size of the unit, and additional features, such as individual unit video monitoring. They also charge a one-time administrative fee and offer rental insurance. When it comes to self storage near me companies in NYC, there are plenty of options.

CubeSmart offers a lot of discounts to its customers, like student and military discounts, and referral discounts. However, their customer service can be inconsistent between locations. Also, the company has been accused of not keeping up with proper maintenance at some locations.

The Bottom Lines

Clutter is a New York-based storage company that offers affordable, secure storage in the city. They also offer pickup and delivery service. They are a full-service mover, meaning they can help you with packing, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, transportation, basic liability coverage and auto shipping.

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