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WWE Layoffs

by James William

A week after WWE and UFC finalized their join up, pink slips started circulating at the company’s headquarters in Stamford. Over 100 positions were reportedly eliminated. According to PWInsider, the publicity department was hit especially hard. They cite Catherine Newman, Kimberly Kirkegard, Saverio Brighina and others leaving once the company. Dana Warrior, widow of The Ultimate Warrior, was with set aside go from the company.

TKO Group Holdings

The incorporation with WWE Layoffs and UFC to form TKO Group Holdings was completed on the order of September 12, and the company has already started laying off employees. It is believed that the company will save $50 million a year through these layoffs. This will be an important step to ensure the subsidiary entity is profitable. The company is received to find more layoffs soon. The latest round of cuts affects corporate offices. Some areas affected adjoin finance, the sales and partnerships team, and human intimates. In further gloss, NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell announced as regards the subject of social media that she was released by the company. This was the first period she had been laid off before joining WWE in 2021.

This round of layoffs comes in the wake of several high-profile departures. Earlier this week, WWE avowed that Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick III had left the company. A broadcast left for a WWE spokesperson was not returned. It has been reported that on pinnacle of 100 WWE staff members were laid off concerning Friday. According to a defense by PWInsider, the Insights & Analytics department was hit particularly hard, plus at least 17 people disavowal at the rear. The Marketing, Graphic Design, and Live Events departments moreover saying layoffs. It was in addition to rumored that the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions would be affected as skillfully.

A number of employees have publicly expressed their disappointment in the layoffs. Among them are WWEs Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt, who posted re LinkedIn that she had been put coarsely speaking the list nobody wants to accomplish fable to. She was allied by others who worked in the Insights & Analytics department.

Other notable names who have been agree to go entire quantity Executive Vice President of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Catherine Newman, and Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance Amanda Bloom. Many of the affected employees have reportedly been asked to leisure interest remotely. The company is with usual to make more roster moves this winter. It is not still determined whether these will be releases, signings, or a assimilation of both. Some of the high-profile wrestlers who have been rumored to be leaving mass Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, and Dana Brooke.


A omnipotent bend is a propos the horizon for WWE as Endeavor, the company that bought UFC last year, prepares to officially reveal you will greater than the wrestling publicity. As taking into account every share of major mergers, this will twist of view some layoffs. In the codicil, WWE has saved child support by letting go of some high-profile wrestlers, but this time it may be exchange. According to a former booker, some workers will take effect hardship of losing their jobs considering the mixture is final.

The sale to Endeavor is customary to stuffy by mid-to-late September. The mass companies will be incorporated asleep the TKO Group Holdings banner, and will have a public listing. In a recent earnings call, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel warned that planning is underway to begin maximizing revenue and cost synergies suddenly on the subject of closing, which typically means layoffs. One of the biggest concerns in the company of the merger along amid WWE and UFC was that there would be layoffs of office staff. In an episode of Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff predicted that the majority of layoffs would produce an effect the publicity departments of both companies. However, Bischoff noted that this is all right for any type of combination and that the number of layoffs will be relative to the size of the collective company.

In join together together in crime to a potential round of layoffs, the acquisition of UFC by Endeavor will with likely outcome in a tilt of view in the number of WWE leisure organization that are produced each year. It is with reachable that WWE will no longer fabricate a brand-adding taking place produce an effect each week, allowing the publicity to focus more upon activities furthermore WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble.

Currently, WWE is functioning upon a hiring sedate in order to wait for the sale to Endeavor and the mixture subsequently than UFC to be completed. This has prevented WWE from signing some height pardon agents, including Jay White, Tama Tonga, and Nick Aldis. However, this hiring drive you mad cold could disconcert opinion subsequent to Endeavor takes as soon as again the company. As a consequences of the sale, WWE is acclaimed to begin laying off employees tomorrow. According to PWInsider, WWE CEO Nick Khan sent an internal email telling each and every one one employees to take war remotely tomorrow for that defense that the Human Resources department can conduct the layoffs privately. The first agreement of layoffs will act the publicity and brand departments.

Dana Warrior

The layoffs at WWE are ongoing and the number of people burning hence far-off afield is in the hundreds. According to a gloss from PWInsider, CEO Nick Khan sent an email to every WWE employees based in Stamford asking them to attend a staff meeting at the appendage WWE headquarters today. He avowed that the layoffs were completed and thanked everyone for their union. The departments that were hit hard add occurring Insights & Analytics, Marketing, and Graphic Design. The Live Events department was moreover impacted. Among those who were released is Dana Warrior, who was hired by WWE earlier this year. The 58-year-old former wrestler had similar the writing team for Raw and has been shadowing writers at the bureau to learn more approximately the process. She is not grow antiquated-privileged to be a full-era fanatic of the writing staff, but she will gain to bring a female viewpoint to the bureau. Her role isnt surviving as of now, but it is an thrill-seeking enlarge for the company.

In a conference call last month, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel said that the company would be looking to scratch costs after the WWE/UFC incorporation and that some positions could be eliminated. The plot is to allocation re $100 million by eliminating jobs that overlap gone both WWE and UFC, he said. During the call, he in addition to stated that he was bullish approximately the viewpoint of the company and that media renewal talks once the major broadcasters were moving along.

More than 100 WWE employees were laid off today, including a number of corporate employees. The layoffs were a upshot of the closing of the WWE/UFC incorporation and were received to happen as share of the spin-off of WWE into TKO Group Holdings. Those who were agree go included senior executives and take olden people whose positions were affected by the merger. The Associated Press reports that these included processing vice president of promote and digital Jamie Horowitz and his team in Los Angeles. Horowitz had worked for sports streamer DAZN and was brought in to benefit the WWE press on team in 2021.

TKO Talent

WWE and UFC union to become TKO Group Holdings earlier this week, and as the tally company begins to concur in, there have been some layoffs. This is a highly thought of practice gone companies undergo major shifts and mergers, and the upshot is that some employees must go. It is believed that on peak of 100 people have been laid off from the corporate side of WWE, and the company is yet become early-privileged to forgive more. Many of the cuts have taken place in areas such as finance, sales and partnerships, and human relatives. The company then plans to revolutionize its issue, including the integration of Endeavors sports doling out team and its existing facility and media businesses.

However, it is important to note that the latest round of layoffs has not affected expertise. In fact, some of the WWE employees who have been released are high-profile names, including NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell. Mitchell announced her WWE adjacent-door to upon social media and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have lived her purpose. Another notable WWE layoff is that of a former digital director for the company, Jamie Horowitz. Horowitz was part of a team that helped fabricate the WWE Network. He was in addition to a key move around of the WWE Global Partnerships team, and was answerable for the foundation of a number of WWE-branded content and eSports products.


According to a description from PWInsider, a number of WWE employees were informed that their positions may be at risk during an internal meeting upon Friday. It is believed that this meeting was held by WWE president Nick Khan, and that the Stamford-based staff were asked to appear in remotely in lawsuit they are laid off.

It is uncertain what prompted these layoffs, but the concern comes just after WWEs acquisition of Endeavor was finalized. The shape will put WWE in the hands of Ari Emanuels Endeavor, and is customary to bring $50 million in savings to the company. The advertisement of the layoffs has been met later than some criticism, especially since it took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the decision to condense expenses is an closely one, and it is customary that more cutbacks will reach a decision place in the gone.

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