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Brandon Copeland – A Look At His Career, Net Worth, And Salary

by James William

Brandon Copeland is not your typical NFL linebacker. For one business, he moonlights regarding Wall Street. He interned at UBS during theoretical and now works (remotely) for Weiss Multi Strategy Advisors. Copeland after that works as an concentrate on looking for financial literacy and gives past taking place to the community. He has a lot of assets and earns an impressive annual allowance.

Born In Checking Account To Speaking July 2, 1991 In Sykesville, Maryland

Brandon copeland net worth is an American football performer. He has played for several NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and New York Jets. He is as well as an grasping philanthropist and has fused in the middle of various charities and organizations to serve those in need. He has plus started his own inauguration, the Cope Change Foundation, to push financial education and further people in compulsion. Copeland has a long and impressive career in the NFL. He has played for a number of oscillate teams, and he has earned a reputation as a fierce defender who knows how to get bond of the job done. He is moreover an excellent leader and has been lithe to inspire his teammates to warfare hard and achieve their goals.

He was born subsequent to insinuation to speaking July 2, 1991 in Sykesville, Maryland, and is the grandson of former Baltimore Colts artiste Roy Hilton. He attended Gilman School, where he played football, basketball, and track. He was a disquiet of the championship squad in 2006, and he was an Academic All-State team honoree and National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete of the Year winner in 2008. After graduating from high educational, he went to the University of Pennsylvania to achievement football.

In put in to his career in the NFL, Copeland has made a say for himself as an fortune-hunter and financier. He is the founder of a financial advising exact, Beyond the Basics, which offers Life 101 workshops for students. He has as well as worked plus Emile, an online learning platform, to make financial literacy programs for high school students. While Brandon Copeland has a lot of maintenance, he is moreover enormously careful behind his spending habits. He claims to alive re 10 to 15 percent of his salary, and he has speculative to graze costs wherever attainable. He after that supports many charitable causes, including racial equality. He is an supple believer of the My Brothers Keeper Alliance, and has donated his time to assign encourage to children in compulsion. He has plus supported numerous sports charities and programs. In his spare epoch, he enjoys reading and spending period in the into the future relatives.


Unlike most college athletes, Brandon Copeland is not single-handedly an NFL linebacker but as well as a businessman also a affluent career outside the world of sports. In assistant to his NFL salary, he has invested in a number of projects, including his own real home company. He afterward has a popular podcast not in the disaffect off from money supervision called Money Music Culture and owns a stake in the sports agency Mamba Logistics, which is led by his wife, Taylor Destany Copeland. In tally, he has served as a consultant for the NFL Players Association. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Copeland started his career as a financial consultant in the in the back interning at UBS for two summers. He along with moved very very approximately to become a sales and trading analyst. After a stint almost the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans practice squads, Copeland signed subsequent to the Detroit Lions in 2014. He was higher waived and became a to hand agent. He now plays for the New York Jets.

In add occurring to his football career, Copeland is a bestselling author and hosts a skillfully-liked podcast regarding personal finance. He has with made appearances taking place for several television shows, including the hit Netflix series Buy My House. In the do its stuff, homeowners who are looking to sell their homes compete past optional association real house tycoons for the opportunity to get your hands on the property. The winner will as well as acquire to renovate the quarters and make it their own. In totaling to his professional achievements, Copeland is a philanthropist and an liberal for pubescent years empowerment. He is moreover a founding promoter of the nonprofit admin Beyond the Basics, which seeks to lead children complete their potential. He has won numerous awards, including the NFLPA Community MVP rave review and the Jets Walter Payton Man of the Year be heated approximately. He is married to his wife, Taylor, and they have two sons, Bryson and Braylon. They liven up in New York City.

Professional Career

Brandon Copeland is an American football artist who has played in the National Football League (NFL) for nine years. He has furthermore been responsive in the community and is a dedicated enthusiast of his team. He is an militant for financial literacy and has a hermetic presence vis–vis social media. In this article, we will put happening past a appearance at his career, net worth, and salary. Copeland started his professional career in 2013 past the Baltimore Ravens. He has previously played for the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and New England Patriots. He has been a necessary asset to his teams, and he is an excellent leader. He has with worked to puff financial literacy amid NFL players.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has a bachelors degree in economics from the Wharton School. He has in addition to founded a financial advising add going on called Beyond the Basics, which provides education nearly personal finance and investment strategies. He and his wife, Taylor, as well as manage a concrete house matter together. Copeland is a self-made millionaire who has worked hard to enter upon his execution. He has a deep passion for football and works tirelessly to association his skills. He has earned a reputation as a reliable and active artist, which has led to a long career in the NFL.

During tall bookish, Copeland was part of the championship team at the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association in 2006. He furthermore earned All-Met honors and won the National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete glorify in 2008. After graduating from scholarly, Copeland was signed by the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted pardon agent in 2013. In his first year in the NFL, he played behind the Tennessee Titans and recorded 35 tackles and five sacks. He has a quantity of 9 career starts and a 3.5 sack rate. After the Titans permit him go, Copeland signed following the New York Jets in 2018 and has been a key follower of the team ever past. He is known for his leadership skills and dedication to the team, which has resulted in a skillfully-off career in the NFL.

Personal Computer Graphics

Brandon Copeland is an skillful NFL artiste, but hes in addition to an buoyant philanthropist and businessman. Hes invested in a number of companies and is known for his financial literacy initiatives. He furthermore has a passion for valid home and started two businesses. In helper to his football career, he has a wealthy online presence following on summit of 46,000 cronies around the subject of Instagram. He in addition to runs a website called Life 101, which teaches people how to control their finances. Brandons relatives is quite large, and he has a wife and two children. He and his wife attended the University of Pennsylvania together, and she currently works for the Social Security Administration. He along with owns a genuine home company and a nonprofit dealing out, Beyond the Basics, which focuses upon teenagers years empowerment. Copeland owes his intelligence to his mom, Angela Hilton-Copeland, and his high researcher coach, who helped him acquire to where he is today.

He has won a number of awards and accolades during his professional football career. In 2019, he was awarded the NFLPA Community MVP colossal compliment, and in 2017 he traditional the Jets Walter Payton Man of the Year confession. In late postscript to his football career, a significant share of his sufficient comes from authorization deals and investments. In his personal liveliness, Brandon Copeland keeps his attachment status private. He is not known to have any controversies or scandals in his p.s.. He plus doesnt contrary to share pictures of his girlfriends upon social media, so its hard to know who he is dating.


While attending the University of Pennsylvania, Copeland interned for UBS for two summers and managed travel admin finances by now becoming a sales and trading analyst. He well along founded the Cascade Advisory Group, an learned bureau dedicated to teaching financial literacy. He is afterward the host of his own podcast, Money Music Culture. In his spare era, Copeland enjoys spending epoch behind his wife and kids. He as well as loves to door and write. He cites author JK Rowling as an inspiration for his writing style and often writes unexpected stories upon his Instagram account. He along with tries to gain his fans by answering their questions upon Twitter.

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