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Dark Web Sites You Can Visit Securely With Tor

by James William

The dark web can be a dangerous place. It’s filled with malware, scams, and stolen information like bank account details and email addresses. Dread is the Reddit of the dark web, a forum-meets-news site that offers complete anonymity. It’s also home to SecureDrop, a site where whistleblowers can share confidential information with journalists without fear of being tracked or exposed.

Onion Links

Onion links are sites that offer dark web services, such as cryptocurrency wallets, encrypted messaging apps, domain hosting services, and chans (like 4chan, but on Tor). These links can be a good place to start for new darknet users. However, it is important to note that some of these sites are illegal or untrustworthy. These websites use Tor to encrypt connections, which keeps both the user and the site creators anonymous. That’s why they are called onion links; you can’t access them with a regular browser.

One of the best ways to find onion links is to use Ahmia, a search engine that lists.onion websites that want to be found. It’s also worth trying Torch, a well-known search engine for the Dark Web Sites. Torch works much like the Wayback Machine, which makes it easy to see a website’s snapshot over time. It can help to find out which sites are still active, which ones are hacked or down, and which ones have been taken over by other sites.

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a directory of sites available on the Tor network. While browsing the dark web, you need to take steps to protect yourself against malware and identity theft. This includes using a VPN and avoiding illegal or dangerous content. Among the websites listed on The Hidden Wiki are sites where you can buy drugs, weapons, and pornography. Purchasing drugs online is illegal and could land you in trouble with the law.

You can also find websites that offer anonymous chat rooms, social networks, and blogs about various topics on the dark web. There are even sites like Intel Exchange that offer whistleblowers a way to share information without risking their personal safety or being tracked by the government. Then there are sites that provide email services such as Mail2Tor, which encrypts all your messages to prevent third parties from accessing them. All you need is a computer running the Tor browser to access them.

Online Shops

Illicit trade is a huge part of the dark web. It’s where you’ll find everything from fentanyl, an opioid so strong it has killed people at relatively low doses, to weapons and ammunition. Hackers, both white- and black-hat, can also be found on the dark web, where they often sell or trade their hacking tools, victims and malicious code.

Those who love comic books will be happy to know that the dark web has a little corner for them as well. Sci-Hub is a repository for scientific papers, which some say is the dark web’s version of ScienceDirect. Other sites, like ZeroBin, allow you to message your dark web mates through media and text, and even send messages that self-destruct after a period of time. You’ll need a secure browser to access these websites, such as TOR, which is free and works on all major platforms. It also has a built-in feature that shows you whether or not a specific site is online.


When most people think of the dark web, they picture marketplaces where narcotics, guns, and stolen credit card data are sold. But there’s a lot more than that in the shadowy corners of the internet: it also contains blogs, forums, and chat rooms for people looking to communicate anonymously. To access these sites, you need to use Tor, a software that helps safeguard your online activities. It’s similar to the Firefox browser, but it is designed with anonymity in mind and can help you bypass country-specific censorship.

You can also use email clients like Elude to keep your communications private. It requires no information to set up an account and is free to use. For more privacy, consider a VPN that uses obfuscated servers and Onion Over VPN, like NordVPN. They can also help protect against malware and viruses.

The Bottom Lines

The Dark Web is a part of the internet that can be found using Tor. It is a popular place for whistleblowers and others who want to act outside the law. While there is a lot of illegal activity on the dark web, it can also be useful to people who need anonymity. This article lists a few helpful ‘onion sites’ you can visit securely with Tor.

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