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Horror In The High Desert

by James William

When outdoor enthusiast and survivalist Gary Hinge disappeared in the desert, it set off a wild speculation frenzy. Dutch Marich’s 2021 film Horror in the High Desert, made in a pseudo-documentary style and using found footage, conveys that dread wonderfully. The indie film uses fictional talking heads, beautiful landscape footage and the found footage narrative style to create unnerving anticipation. The climactic scene when the disfigured monstrous stranger is revealed is especially effective.

What Happened To Gary Hinge?

Gary Hinge disappeared in the Nevada high desert while on a hiking excursion. His family reported him missing and police launched a search. However, they gave up hope of finding him alive after several days without any news. The area where he was missing is extremely dangerous, especially because of the blazing hot weather and the presence of local wildlife and abandoned mining pits. Gary’s sister, Beverly, hired a private investigator named William “Bill” Salerno so that the case wouldn’t be forgotten and she could be sure of a proper investigation.

The film’s open ending leaves many viewers wondering what really happened to Gary Hinge. Some suspect that he was attacked by a social reject, while others believe that he was killed by a supernatural entity guarding a sacred space. The fact that the film includes references to abandoned mine shafts and Native American artifacts suggests that Hinge’s attacker may be a ghost from the area’s past who views him as an intruder. Other theories include that he was eaten by cannibals or abducted by aliens or witches. Regardless of the actual outcome, it’s clear that Gary Hinge’s disappearance was terrifying.

Is Gary Hinge A Real Person?

When Gary Hinge, an experienced outdoor enthusiast and vlogger with more than 50,000 YouTube subscribers, vanishes on a hiking expedition in the Nevada desert, his sister Beverly alerts authorities. His truck is found nearby, but his body is nowhere to be found. Campers later discover a severed hand in the back of his backpack, still holding his camera. The film’s pseudo-documentary style, featuring endearing talking head interviews with Gary’s sister and roommate, helps to compel audiences to care about the character. It also uses the found footage narrative technique to evoke suspense and build tension.

When Gary finds the dilapidated cabin that he saw earlier in his footage, he tries to get inside without disturbing it. As he does so, he is approached by an unknown man with severe physical deformities. The two engage in a brutal game of cat and mouse, with Gary desperately trying to survive. But the man is relentless, and Gary soon realizes that he is no match for him. During the final confrontation, the mysterious man shoots Gary with a pistol, and his hand falls off in the process.

Is Gary Hinge A Cannibal?

The story behind the disappearance of Gary Hinge revolves around a strange cabin in the desert. Hinge, who was known online as Scorpion Sam, made a series of YouTube videos documenting his survival adventures. He claimed that he found the cabin on one of his expeditions and it gave him a feeling of impending doom and fear. He said that he felt like someone was stalking him, so he fled the area. After Hinge disappeared, his followers became obsessed with figuring out what happened to him. They speculated that aliens, witches, or ghosts may have abducted him. However, he was never found again. His cleanly-severed hand was found by campers, but his body was never recovered.

Dutch Marich’s Horror in the High Desert is a 2021 American film that uses a faux-documentary format and found footage to tell the terrifying story of the disappearance of Gary Hinge. While the film has received mixed reviews, it is still an effective thriller. The shaky camera work and the use of burnt and blurry infrared footage create a sense of dread that is hard to shake.

Is Gary Hinge A Social Reject?

When Gary Hinge doesn’t return from a hiking expedition into the desert, his family and friends become concerned. They contact the police who begin a search. When they discover that Gary’s truck has been moved from its original location, they assume that he’s dead. Later, they are confronted by a deformed monster who sever’s Gary’s arm. Gary was a survival enthusiast who frequently ventured into the desert on solo adventures. He wrote about his experiences in a popular online blog. During one of these trips, he discovered a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. After exploring the area, he was overwhelmed by a sense of dread. He decided to record the cabin to share with his followers.

While Director Billy Marich hasn’t explicitly alluded to the real-life disappearance of Kenny Veach in his film, the parallels are uncanny. Like Gary, Veach was a popular outdoor content creator who was pressured by his fans to revisit a mysterious find and prove that they weren’t lying. Some even believe that Veach’s cave contained classified military information or something even more sinister.

Is Gary Hinge A Ghost?

Gary Hinge is a hiker/survivalist who disappears while exploring a strange cabin in the Nevada high desert. The faux-documentary follows the investigation into his disappearance by a reporter, a private investigator, and his sister. While the police initially focused on the truck as a crime scene, they soon discovered several clues that suggested Gary’s death was suspicious. For instance, a number of fingerprints were found on the truck, but none of them matched Gary’s. Moreover, a trail of barefoot footprints was also uncovered. However, no database contained a match for the prints. The shaky camera work, ominous music, and blurry infrared footage all contribute to the film’s unnerving atmosphere. The plot resembles the real-life disappearance of hiker Kenny Veach, who vanished in 2014. Like Gary, Veach was an avid outdoorsman and had his own popular YouTube channel where he uploaded videos of his adventures. Like Gary, Veach had a devoted fanbase and was frequently pressured to return to the scene of a puzzling find. Ultimately, he did return to the cabin, but it was too late. Campers found his cleanly severed hand, but his body was never located.

Is Gary Hinge A Demon?

When Gary Hinge disappeared while on a backcountry hiking excursion, his sister Beverly reported him missing and authorities launched an investigation. They found his truck with the camera turned off and a severed hand inside, which they deemed to be a crime scene. In one of his last videos, Hinge sounded frightened and said that he was going to return to the cabin but would not reveal its location for fear of luring inexperienced hikers into dangerous territory. However, this did not deter his devoted followers from demanding that he reveal the site’s coordinates or risk being killed.

While director Dutch Marich has not explicitly stated that Horror in the High Desert was inspired by the 2014 disappearance of YouTuber Kenny Veach, the similarities are too uncanny to ignore. Like Hinge, Veach was an active member of hiking content communities and was pressured by his followers to revisit a puzzling find. Veach mysteriously vanished without explanation and online users speculated that he may have discovered Area 51, military secrets, or something more sinister.

Is Gary Hinge A Werewolf?

Horror in the High Desert is a pseudo-documentary-styled film about outdoor enthusiast and survivalist Gary Hinge’s mysterious disappearance in Nevada’s high desert. The film uses a mix of fictional talking head interviews, beautiful landscape footage, and the found footage narrative style popularized by The Blair Witch Project to create an atmosphere of unsettling anticipation. In the film, Gary records a series of YouTube videos before his disappearance. In one video, he describes coming across a cabin that gave him a feeling of impending danger. He also mentions that he feels like he is being followed.

Later, Gary’s rucksack is discovered at a campground. His severed hand is also found, but his body has never been located. Many people have speculated that a werewolf or another supernatural creature killed Gary, but the truth is probably more mundane. It is possible that a disfigured stranger attacked him and killed him.

Is Gary Hinge A Vlogger?

The 2021 movie Horror in the High Desert is based on the disappearance of outdoors and survival enthusiast Gary Hinge. The independent film utilizes the pseudo-documentary format and found footage narrative technique made famous by The Blair Witch Project to generate a sense of unease. Despite his disappearance, Gary’s vlogs continue to be published. In one, he states that he feels an eerie vibe when visiting the cabin where he last stayed. He also mentions that he has seen various markers around the area, which suggests that someone else was there before him.


Following the vlog, several of Gary’s followers pressure him to return to the location of the mysterious cabin and prove that he is not lying. The next video is recorded at night and features a frightened Gary, who says that he is close to the cabin and can smell smoke. He also hears chanting, which suggests that someone is watching him from inside the cave. The end of the video indicates that he will be returning with his camera and a gun for protection.

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