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How to Find Temporary Help for Your Business

by James William

A temporary workforce can be crucial to a business that wants to meet short-term demands in staffing such as ensuring a sufficient workforce during seasonal peaks. The only problem is that without the right skills, it can be challenging to attract temporary employees who have the right skills and/or are reliable and committed. 

By reading on, therefore, you will capture effective tips that will help you find temporary help for your business. Here you go!

1. Consider The Needs of Your Organization

If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for or when it’s the right time to hire, chances are you won’t find the right candidates for the job. That’s why you should start by studying the unique needs of your business and the nature of the temporary positions that come up.

If, for example, you want someone comfortable with working a special shift or overtime hours, you will want the job description you’ll put out to mention that. Doing so will ensure that you’re getting applications only from appropriate candidates.

2. Team up With a Temp Agency

This is, by far, the most straightforward way to find the ideal short-term employees for your business. That’s largely because such companies have the right connections – they simply know the right places to look. Thus, the good thing about engaging a staffing agency when looking for short-term employees is you won’t waste a lot of time and resources. Besides modern temp agencies utilize technology and have the the right expertise and experience, in addition to a vast pool to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find the exact skill you are seeking.

For beginners, shiftNOW is the best way to hire temporary shift workers while avoiding the risk associated with new hires. You are not only working with experts but also dedicated business partners who will do everything to ensure you get it right at every step.

3. Look in Online Marketplaces

If you would rather hire by yourself or are not interested in exploring additional options, look in online marketplaces. They are ideal for employers who want cost-effective solutions, specialized skills, or even remote workers (say for a software development company that has a one-time large project that should be completed fast).

In addition to having access to a global pool of potential candidates, you also get tools for tracking the progress of your projects, providing feedback on completed jobs, managing payments, and more. Some of the most helpful online marketplaces to consider include, but aren’t limited to Fiverr, Freelance, and Upwork.

4. Use Jobs Boards

Jobs boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster are excellent tools for employers who want to fill temporary positions. As an employer, you can post job listings and include any other information that is important to the position, such as the duration of the assignment, required skills, and necessary qualifications.

Since job boards attract lots of candidates, it should be easy for you to find ideal temporary hires to fill any empty positions.

5. Check out Flexible Work Platforms

Most flexible work platforms like Shiftgig, Instawork, and others have lots of vetted workers and will match you to the most appropriate hourly workers without much effort. These platforms typically have a wider candidate pool thanks to their technology-based approach, thus they serve more markets in general.

As a result of relying on technology to match businesses to the most suitable workers, they have better fill rates and give the posted positions better visibility than a traditional agency that doesn’t leverage tech-based solutions.

6. Leverage Social Media

The power of social media makes it easier than ever before to connect with people in your network and offers great benefits like enhancing job visibility, providing an opportunity for engagement, and more. By leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you increase the likelihood of finding the exact temporary employees you are looking for.

LinkedIn is, especially a powerful tool to use, thanks to its powerful search function that allows you to find potential candidates based on particular skills, qualifications, and experience. It’s also a good idea to join industry-specific groups so you can connect with potential hires and expand your database of candidates.

To Bring Things to a Close,

Though finding temporary help for your business sounds like an arduous task, the tips mentioned in this post will make it manageable. The one important step you should never miss is to determine the needs of your business since that will guide the entire process and ensure you find candidates who will fit the role perfectly.

And if you need some help doing all that entails finding temporary help, consider working with a leading staffing agency like shiftNOW.

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