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Misty Loman – A Cautionary Tale For Drug Abuse

by James William

Misty Loman is a woman who recently gained popularity after her mugshots went viral. They were posted by a Wisconsin sheriff to show how drugs can ruin your life. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell the full story. She was suffering from bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma when she took the photos. She also lost three of her infant sons.

Misty Loman 2021

Misty Loman is a 44-year-old woman from Bowling Green, Kentucky. She became famous after her mugshots went viral. Many thought she was a drug addict, but the truth is much more tragic. She is suffering from a deadly combination of lupus, Scleroderma, and bone cancer. These diseases have made her look as if she is on death row. It is a pity that people judge her without knowing the truth. She has been in jail fifteen times in her life, but she has managed to get clean. She has also lost three of her children. One of her sons was stillborn, and she has twins that died shortly after birth. These problems led her to abuse drugs. It is unfortunate that she was not given the opportunity to seek treatment before her mugshots were taken.

Her mugshots went viral after she was arrested for meth use in 2019. Her appearance was so drastic that people thought she was on the verge of death. She was depressed and traumatized after the loss of her three sons. Her elder sons asked her to seek help, and she agreed. She underwent long-term treatment at the Sisters in Sobriety facility in Bowling Green. After her mugshots were posted, she started receiving donations. These donations were intended to fund her medical treatments. However, she had to use the money for other things. Eventually, she was forced to quit her job. This is a big blow for her because she was the sole provider for her family.

People assumed that the changes in her appearance were caused by her drug addiction. She is a meth user, but she has been in the hospital before for severe skin problems. She has scleroderma, which causes the skin to tighten and harden. She has also suffered from bone cancer, and chemotherapy for this condition caused her to lose a lot of weight and hair. Her story is a warning to people who are addicted to drugs. It is important to know that addiction is a disease, and you must seek treatment as soon as possible.

Misty Loman Mugshots

After a sheriff posted her mugshots online, Misty Loman became famous around the world. Her story is a cautionary tale for drug abusers. She explains that her addiction to meth caused her body to break down. She was also suffering from several other health issues, including lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma. However, she managed to turn her life around. Today, she is a model of sobriety. She says that anyone who is in the grip of drugs can overcome them with prayer. Loman was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States. She grew up with her parents and siblings, and she attended local schools. She then graduated from a university, and she has worked as a nurse. In her personal life, she is married to Gary Glass Jr and has two children. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Despite her traumatic experience, Misty Loman is optimistic about the future. She believes that she is serving a higher purpose. She also has a newfound faith in God. She has also made great progress in her recovery, and her physical appearance is improving. She has started a new chapter of her life and hopes to be an example for young people. In her recent mugshot progression, Loman’s face has become much thinner than it was in the earlier pictures. She is now two years into her recovery and is looking healthier than ever. She has also lost a lot of weight and is taking her medication regularly.

Mugshots of Misty Loman went viral after a sheriff in Wisconsin posted the photos online. He wanted to discourage drug use by demonstrating the changes that meth can cause. Although the mugshots have not been confirmed to be true, it seems that the woman is suffering from scleroderma, which causes her skin to lose its color and texture. She has been fighting this disease for a long time and has undergone a number of surgeries to correct her facial appearance. She has also regained some of her ability to speak.

Misty Loman Scleroderma

Misty Loman, whose mugshots went viral after being shared by Adam Bieber in 2019, is an example of the power of faith and perseverance. She had hit rock bottom, losing her home, family and car, and battling life-threatening illnesses such as scleroderma, bone cancer, and lupus. She turned to drugs in an attempt to feel numb and hide her suffering, but she soon realized that they were only making things worse. Despite her struggles with addiction, Misty Loman is still alive today. She has sought treatment at Sisters in Sobriety, a rehab center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Her recovery is remarkable, and she has been able to find serenity through her faith in God. She regularly updates her Facebook page, which has over 6,000 followers. Her updates show that she has made great strides in her recovery, and her photos of her nephews are very heartwarming.

In the mugshots that went viral, she was pale and had a face that resembled a skeleton. The sheriff who took the picture was trying to use it as a deterrent to drug abuse, but he forgot to mention that she had other health issues that were contributing to her appearance. Fortunately, her two sons Corey and Jacob encouraged her to seek help. She is now a recovering meth addict and finds peace in religion.

Misty Dawn Loman was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and has been married to Gary Glass Jr. It is unclear if they are still together, but their relationship seems to be healthy. Misty has two sons, Corey and Jacob, who appear to be very close to their mother. She also has a lot of support from the social media community, which has been a major factor in her recovery. Despite her difficulties, she is still smiling and encouraging others to be strong. Misty’s story is an inspiration to anyone who needs to recover from addiction. Her Facebook posts are proof that it is possible to overcome any challenge, even if you have lost everything.

Misty Loman Drug Addiction

When mugshots of Misty Loman went viral, many people assumed that her appearance was due to drug use. However, this was not the case. She was suffering from several health issues, including lupus disease, bone cancer, and Scleroderma, a skin condition that causes the skin to harden. She was also severely depressed and traumatized by the deaths of her children. As a result, she turned to drugs and alcohol to escape her pain. She lost her house, car, and family in the process. She had reached rock bottom and thought she would never turn her life around.

Initially, Misty’s mugshots startled and upset the public, but she soon gained sympathy from netizens. A Go-fund-me campaign was started to help her. As a result, she is now in the spotlight. Fortunately, she is now on the road to recovery and has started her new life. The mugshots of Misty Loman were taken in 2019 after she was arrested for methamphetamine possession. She has been incarcerated on multiple occasions. Her mugshots have been posted online as a warning against methamphetamine usage.

In the mugshots, Misty looked pale and frail and her face was shrunken. Her eyes were dull and her teeth were black. Her hair was falling out, and her skin was dry and cracked. Moreover, her hands were purple and her fingers were twisted. The mugshots looked so disturbing that they caused outrage among the public and even made some of them cry.


The sheriff in Wisconsin posted the mugshots to raise awareness about meth addiction. He failed to mention that she had a medical condition called scleroderma, which is the cause of her strange appearance. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes the skin to tighten and harden. Misty was also diagnosed with bone cancer, and her chemotherapy treatments contributed to her significant hair loss. Misty was once a very happy and healthy woman, but she was not able to cope with the tragedies that befell her. She became addicted to meth and had a rocky relationship with her husband. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to overcome addiction.

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