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Broward Single Sign On

by James William

Broward single sign on is a smart system that adds an extra layer of security to all of your processes. It helps colleges and universities automate their processes and reduce human effort while increasing efficiency.

This system is used by students, faculty and staff to access their various applications without having to log in again. It allows them to use one-stop access to many of the website applications they need.

Clever Broward

Designed to improve collaboration between teachers and students, Clever Broward is an innovative digital learning platform that allows students and staff in the Broward County Public Schools district to access a range of educational resources with a single sign-on. This allows users to streamline the learning process and eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords, which can save time and increase efficiency.

Personalized Learning: The platform uses data analytics to track student progress and provide them with personalized feedback and recommendations, allowing students to work at their own pace and achieve their full potential. This approach ensures that each student receives the support and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their learning style or ability level.

Integration: The platform integrates with existing learning management systems and programs, ensuring that students have easy access to the tools they need to stay engaged in their classes. It also makes it easy for teachers to monitor student progress and assign work.

Technical Issues: There may be occasional issues with the platform, which can disrupt classroom activities and cause frustration for students and teachers. However, these problems are usually short-lived and can be resolved quickly.

Students and staff in the broward single sign on County Public Schools can use the Clever login system to access a variety of educational resources, including online textbooks, learning tools, and educational apps. They can also view their grade books, attendance records, and other important information.

There are two ways to log in to the Clever platform: using your Broward County Public Schools credentials or by using the new badge system. For the former, you can simply enter your username and password, while for the latter you will need to scan or manually input a badge provided by the school.

Badges are a popular feature of Clever, which makes it easier for students to log in without having to type in their passwords. The software will recognize the badge and direct you to your launchpad. This is especially useful for students who are unable to type, such as those with disabilities or limited typing skills.


Canvas is a learning management system that offers teachers and students a central place to organize course information, communicate with each other, and submit assignments. It also offers a single sign-on experience that makes it easier for teachers to access their classes, student records, and other important information from any device.

Students use Canvas to access class materials like course lectures, readings, discussions, assignments, and discussion boards. They also submit their work through Canvas to receive feedback and a grade.

The software also makes it easy for instructors to communicate with their students via chat, announcements, and the calendar, among other features. Additionally, Canvas includes a variety of features that help instructors evaluate student work in real time.

For instance, Canvas includes a grading tool called SpeedGrader, which lets instructors provide students with comprehensive feedback on their work by assessing them using simple point scales or rubrics. They can also leave text, video, and audio comments for their students.

Instructors can also create and manage Groups, which are like smaller courses within a course. They can include up to five students at a time, and they enable efficient collaboration between students.

Another great thing about Canvas is that it’s a platform that can be used by any user, whether you’re a teacher or a student. You can use it as a course website or a mobile app, and you can even share it with your colleagues at other schools.

Aside from being a convenient tool for teaching, Canvas is also eco-friendly and has a built-in library of resources that teachers can use to enhance their classes. It’s also free and accessible to everyone, which can save teachers money and resources in the long run.

In addition, Canvas is FERPA-compliant, which means that it protects student privacy and grades from disclosure without student consent. It also has an archiving function, so instructors can keep course material in Canvas for future reference.

Broward County Public Schools recently collaborated with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and established a system called Single Sign-On that allows students, teachers and parents to log into their school accounts from any device with the same login credentials. This system also has self-service password updates which makes it easier for users to reset their passwords.


The Pinnacle system is a school-wide grade management tool that allows parents and students to view real-time grades online. It also includes a parent internet viewer that allows parents to receive email alerts when their children’s grades drop below a certain average or when they are absent from a class.

If you’re a student or staff member, you can access Pinnacle using your Browardschools personnel number and password. You can also use your Active Directory (AD) account username and password.

This website is a great resource for Broward schools. It’s updated regularly and contains all the latest information. You can find out about new updates and even get tips on how to improve your login experience.

A pinnacle is the highest point on a mountain or other structure, or a high place that can’t be measured by a ruler. The word also refers to the most important or successful points in a person’s life, career, or other accomplishments.

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